May 8, 2012

PBUH048: Nomadic Firs - S/T

Nomadic Firs is the solo project of Ryan Boos, a Tennessean with a petite farm, lots of pets, and a lovely wife named Holly. Boos says that his self-titled debut release started out (almost six years ago) as “colors and ideas” in his head, which isn’t surprising, since you’ll very likely feel an increase in your personal jubilance while listening to this album. Taking cues from his four year stint as a house DJ (and his experiments with electronic music), Boos fleshes out simple ideas into songs that sound like they were made by a full band; compelling beats are joined by inventive sound loops, sun-drenched reverb, and pop melodies that would warm even the iciest of hearts. While he draws a lot of inspiration from his idyllic surroundings, the songs also serve as mirrors, reflecting both his personal achievements and the darker places (burnt bridges, a bar fight) that spurred his move to Tennessee in the first place. While the band name fortuitously popped into Boos’ head one day, he’s since realized deeper meaning behind it - humans’ desire to explore but to also be grounded in some sort of domesticity, and how that translates to social media and the global possibilities that come with it.


Nomadic Firs - In the Morning
Nomadic Firs - Vines
Nomadic Firs - Cover Bombs
Download the album  or buy it on limited edition cassette here. The first 50 cassettes will come in hand-knit tape cozies! Thanks to a new digital distribution deal we've got in the works, it will also be available very shortly through iTunes and other digital retailers. 

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