May 14, 2012

Pod Blotz

Suzy Poling may or may not be from this planet but her ongoing multimedia project, Pod Blotz, definitely belongs in another universe. Poling has been concocting all manner of visual and aural fuckere for years, twisting fried electronics into intricate prisms and deconstructing static drones into something visceral and dynamic. She's released tapes on labels like Bennifer, DNT, & Taped Sounds to name a few, but still manages to spazz along under the radar. She recently put a number of cybernetic exorcisms up on soundcloud. From the electric tribal organ-creep of "March of the Shared Dreams" to the circuit-bent operatics of "Seers Unseen," it's an excellent overview of the sonic environments Poling conjures up. I couldn't put it much better than she does, in her own words:
Overall, Poling is concerned with natural phenomenon, ecological oddities, the systemized order of space, comprehensions of entropy and the effects that these awareness have on the human psyche.
Take a bath in these chemical reactions.

Stream: Pod Blotz - March of the Shared Dreams

Stream: Pod Blotz - Seers Unseen

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