May 6, 2012


New York noise-rock trio SSWAMPZZ recently released a new EP, Sleeper, on Miscreant Records. Its 5 tracks are full of wonderfully brain-bashing, garbage disposal-wrought rock that was recorded live in an attic, and I think my favorite track is "Pools" - it hooks you first with a jangly intro that quickly turns into a hard and fast mash of drums, guitar, and bass, before the vocals come in and it starts to sound sort of like a messed up Pixies song. Y'all go ahead and check it out; I'm just going to listen to it another ten or twelve times.

Pay what you want for a download of the album here, or even better, you can buy it on cassette! You can also opt to get the tape + an issue of The Miscreant (a zine also put out by the record label) for only 7 clams.

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