May 4, 2012

Premere: The Answer Page - Time-Bomb Lullaby

Last summer I heard Nate McKee's music for the first time in his debut solo release as The Answer Page. Orca was so powerful that it brought tears to my eyes at one point, and I was thankful for an artist capable of touching me that deeply. Since then I've gotten the awesome privilege of watching McKee grow as an artist. I've watched him shake off the perpetual sadness that is seen in Orca, and I've seen him learn to use every ounce of love given to him as a weapon to take on each day. That idea is what drives McKee's sophomore effort, Featureless Beast. The subject matter reflects a time before McKee lost his mother and entered a period of depression, but it also aims to reflect his current more cheery disposition on life. This track in particular is a reflection on how short life is, and how some risks aren't worth losing the people and things you love.

MP3: The Answer Page - Time-Bomb Lullaby
McKee is currently aiming for a late-June drop for Featureless Beast. You can get a peak at the upcoming album's artwork above, sketched & colored by Josh Denby.