May 25, 2012

Premiere: Ditt Inre - En Värld I Brand (full EP stream)

I love Sweden. I mean, sure I've never been there, but I am so constantly smitten with the music that comes from Sweden that how could I not just love the entire country. Ditt Inre are all set to drop their debut EP, En Värld I Brand (which translates to "A World On Fire") this Tuesday via Cascine, but we've been lucky enough to snag an early stream of the whole EP just for you. Last October the duo released a video for their first single, "Jorden", and have since continued to thrill us with their brilliant brand of dreamy tunes. The easiest comparison I can think to make is that if Millionyoung had gone for dream pop over chillwave, this might've be what we'd gotten with Replicants. Bouncing synth notes flitter playfully around each other as deliberate, drawn out percussion guides some of the most soothing vocals I've heard in quite some time. The lyrics are entirely in Swedish but that doesn't stop them from warming my heart any less than normal. In a recent interview with Fake DIY the duo does mention, however, that most of their lyrics come from nostalgia; "often about social interactions and relations." It's no wonder then that the music has such a strong effect, given my obsession with not only nostalgic feelings but also with understanding nostalgia as others perceive it.

Stream: Ditt Inre - En Värld I Brand EP

MP3: Ditt Inre - Månljus (saknad)

Pre-order the En Värld I Brand EP now via iTunes.

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