May 17, 2012

Premiere: Golden Birthday - Humans Bleed

Yesterday our friend Henning over at Berlin's own No Fear of Pop unveiled "Our Love is Free"; supposedly the "standout" song on Golden Birthday's third album, Blue Island. Really, Henning? My Scandinavian spirit brother. By my count,  it has at least three standouts. One of which is "Our Love is Free", but "Fountain" (a slow burning, romantic number that their label Rainbow Body has showcased on soundcloud) and the track we've got for you, "Humans Bleed", easily match its focus and strength. Recorded shortly after the band finished their debut LP Infinite Leagues, "Humans Bleed" is probably the catchiest song on the album, with simple, repetitive synths and guitars. The highlight is certainly Ryan Sullivan's vocals, more up front than elsewhere on the album and about as clear as anything else on it, particular with his memorable refrain, "humans bleed", repeated across the song's ending. For me, this is the poster child for Blue Island; as the name suggests, the tropical rhythms are the notable addition on this album, with it and elements of new wave supplanting the noisey orchestra of psychedelic effects that gave Infinite Leagues some of its distinctiveness. I love this song and Ryan was kind enough to let me share the lyrics with y'all:
You wake up and tell me of your dreaming
how the air is bluest early morning
last night's left me w an healthy headache
the new moon helps analyze my problems
living one moment before what hasn't happened yet
thinking in the future this may be what i forget
you've retained this stuff and now it only weighs you down
pull apart the sutures and let it all spill out
you have had a vision that's profound understand the reason of it now
as we have shared this fairytale friendship
our mission now to continue the epic
be careful your wishes
it'll be a gorgeous jouney
pay attention
the cycle, speed of light
fears yet to fight
the tv snow in my mind
healing slow, but it's alright
humans bleed
Incidentally, God bless Henning from No Fear of Pop. He had a birthday recently.

MP3: Golden Birthday - Humans Bleed

Stream: Golden Birthday - Fountain
Blue Island is out June 26 on Rainbow Body Records. They also have an incredibly under-attended cassette out now, called Illusions, on Catholic Tapes.


  1. Super sweet track! The synth solo was pretty interesting too. I want to hear more from this band.

  2. You'll LOVE the rest of the album.