May 1, 2012

Premiere: Images - The Captain

Since our last time covering them, Images has evolved into a solo project for Scott Davis, and he's kindly given us the chance to premiere a new digital single he's releasing today; these tracks come from what he calls "incredibly bleary-eyed sessions" that resulted in some of the most straight-forward psych-pop tunes that Images has put out thus far. "The Captain" sounds as if it's coming from the bottom of a swimming pool - gentle waves of guitar and soft drums take the listener somewhere warm and relaxing, and though Davis' vocals remain a bit obscured, they still act as a guide during the hypnotic journey. The other track, "As A Monk Was Sayin'", is more clarified and poppy (as if Davis has skimmed a little of the psychedelic seaweed off the top), though it still has elements of the thick, slowed-down quality that I love. Starting out with a super catchy sample that continues to churn throughout, the track highlights his vocals in a more direct way and reminds me vaguely of early Animal Collective material. Both tracks on the single are perfect for pairing with warm weather enjoyment, but remember - no running around the pool!

You can download both tracks here, and there's a video for "As A Monk Was Sayin'" coming soon.

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