May 26, 2012

Premiere: Jukeboxer - Parenthetical Items In a Series Indicating Separation Between Units of Coordination

Before we had Brooklyn musician Noah Wall going solo as Noah Wall, he'd been doing just about the same for Absolutely Kosher Records as Jukeboxer in the early 2000s. Primarily a recording project, Jukeboxer has been kept even more obscure in the intervening years because of the infrastructure for digital distribution that Absolutely Kosher and many labels had not developed by that time. In order to have those earlier releases circulated, Wall assembled just about his entire Jukeboxer discography into a mammoth hour-and-twenty minute long and long "Box Set", which contains all of his Absolutely Kosher releases and a total of 27 tracks, all in their original order. The first album it reproduces, Learns the Alphabet, seems to explain the name. It opens with four instrumental tracks that with their "tiny guitars" and "polite beats" - as Allmusic describes his later album, In the Food Chain - leave no immediate sense of human artifice, already a departure from Héloïse, his first album as Noah Wall. Longtime collaborator Amy Jones and Noah begin singing by the fifth track, but a sense of what Wall may have had in mind remains and the frequent appearance of short acoustic instrumental segues is evocative. Though Parenthetical only claims two tracks on the collection, they are two of its longest (one appears to be a double track) and even tend to exhibit a noticeably different tone. Their sensibility is more confidently instrumental than Learns the Alphabet, with vocal samples looped in for the standout "Parenthetical Items In a Series Indicating Separation Between Units of Coordination". In the Food Chain is at once more experimental and understandably easier to connect to Noah's more recent output. It sounds like a more intellectually oblique take on Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, or Elephant Six, with headier psych-pop orchestras and huge segues into the experimentalism that animated some of their notable recordings. In any event, having said all that, we've got a couple tracks for ya.

Jukeboxer - Parenthetical Items In a Series Indicating Separation Between Units of Coordination
Jukeboxer - Banj
Download the entire collection for $3 right here.

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