May 23, 2012

Lands & Peoples - Restless Legs

At the tail end of last March Lands & Peoples released their debut full length record, a brilliant album titled Pop Guilt, via Analog Edition. While the pop half is certainly accurate, there's nothing to feel guilty about here. The group constantly walks a thin line between pop and experimentation, never quite leaving one behind for the sake of the other. One of my favorite tracks from the record, "Restless Legs" sees a more rough edged Lands & Peoples, showing off some garage fuzz while still retaining a pop backbone. The entire album is equally infectious, mixing up the grooves the entire time while retaining a sense of cohesiveness.

MP3: Lands & Peoples - Restless Legs
Pop Guilt is available in 12" vinyl and digital formats via Analog Edition, where you can also stream the entire record before purchase if you still need a little extra push.

EDIT: If you noticed the premiere tag on this earlier, it turns out Lands & Peoples let some other homies debut this bad boy a while back and had forgotten. No sweat though; it's still a killer song on a great album.

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