May 21, 2012

Premiere: Sangre de Muergado - Onde as almas van a morrer

Though Galician psych-folk band Sangre de Muergado has apparently been around since 2005, their debut was self-released only last year, shortly after the death of the band’s leader. In spite of that hurdle, thanks to Brave Mysteries, the imprint of Wisconsin artist and producer Nathaniel Ritter, it's getting a reissue this year. Some might recognize the band’s generic origins in black metal and punk through their heavy emphasis on themes of nature and human agency, but even more so in their varied palette of naked, complex strings and traditional instrumentation. What really elevates the album are those more traditional elements; flutes and strings that could almost sound like shtick in other contexts, but that here represent an authentic fusion with a deep-folk instrumental sensibility.

MP3: Sangre de Muergado - Onde as almas van a morrer
Grab their self-titled debut from Brave Mysteries.


  1. Hi Dwight, the band members were Pablo Caminna and Jorge Olson de Abreu ( 10/10/73-11/19/09), my son.

    Thank you for your comments and Pablo's dedication, work and talent.


  2. Thanks for leaving us a message, Joao, it was a great album to review and I'm proud to have a copy.