May 11, 2012

Premiere: Stone Breath - In the Garden of Ghostflowers

Twist of Thorn, which continues the prolific output of the more than decade old psych-folk band Stone Breath, is a testament of passages, made in the cycles of an evolving material universe and through observations of human agency in the wounds of transgression against order. The album receives much of its animus from guitarist and songwriter Timothy Renner, whose distinctive finger-picking can be heard in every track, though many songs on Twist of Thorn are traditional and several are covers of songs from an older project of his. Though my experience with Renner's huge catalog and numerous monikers is pretty limited, the re-introduction comes from Brave Mysteries and I can hardly imagine a better home.

MP3: Stone Breath - In the Garden of Ghostflowers
Order the cassette from Brave Mysteries and keep your eyes pealed for a new full length this summer.

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