May 17, 2012


We've had AyGeeTee on our radar for a while; Jheri covered a video from him earlier this year and he's seen press both here and on our old site, Get Off the Coast, so I was excited to hear a few new recordings, not slated for any proper release, but together informally called Raid. "NightRaid" and the oldest of the three songs, "Dawn Raider", seem the impetus for the name and although the tracks are not linked by any high concept, but in the glitchy, minimal sprawl of fourteen-minute long "NightRaid", the accompaniments find meaningful points of connection. Though much shorter at just over two minutes long, "Dawn Raider" uses similar effects and explores a more urgent creative impetus. The longer, more danceable "I Dream Thee" has structural similarities, but is more highly textured and his effects are more tightly themed here, elevating the track's ambient backdrop to a more prominent nexus of attention.

Stream: AyGeeTee - Raid
AyGeeTee suggests that we should expect new releases, but in the meantime check him out on soundcloud.


  1. kinlaw remix ;)