May 24, 2012

Elävänä Planeetalla

I can’t find any reviews of Tomutonttu’s Elävänä Planeetalla, and I’m stunned. How did this one slip by? It got a blip right before it came out, a few three-line posts about how it’s the first release from Matt Mondanile’s new label New Images, along with a stormy little Soundcloud. “Tomutonttu is a creature who looks after all the dust,” says Jan Anderzen, the Finnish man behind Tomutonttu. Shit is freaky. The cover’s a checkerboard quilt of geometric patterns drawn with colored markers on grid paper, and squares and triangles of blobular space interspersed. They pulsate on Tomutonttu’s website in perfect sync with the music, especially the info page, because it has two animations going at the same time, at slightly different speeds. I spent thirty minutes of my life listening and staring into that vortex, and it was worth double time.

Buy it now at New Images.

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