May 28, 2012

Tryst Haunt

Tryst Haunt is a series of twelve seven-inch records that were released in seasonal sets of three over the course of a year, and it’s one of my most prized possessions. It’s like having an art fair in my record stack. A good art fair, not a kitschy one. Most of the Tryst Haunt releases are by artists from in and around Portland, Maine, some of whom have only recorded once, all of whom are too freaky and brilliant to be from a snowy town of 55,000. A few are by visiting artists, like Brooklyn’s GHQ (through which ranneth Pete Nolan of Spectre Folk and Steve Gunn of Steve Gunn) and Vollmar from the middle of Indiana, and they give the whole series a nice national context. All the packaging is handmade and numbered, each one totally unique, some covered with silkscreens of crows and giant mammals and chairs, some painted with watercolors, some with tempera, a couple have photos glued to them, another is sewn from scraps of fabric, and there’s a milky clear one with a green record inside. The music is weird and full of acoustic guitars and a wide range of vibrations. It’s fun to get wasted and listen to seven-inches. All that standing up and flipping and cleaning and sitting down intensifies the listening experience. Makes the evening feel like a three-day weekend. Tryst Haunt is night-of-the-45s as 2XLP concept comp. It’s even got a pair of locked grooves.

The Tryst Haunt gods have generously scattered out into the soundcloud a star or two from each spinner, and we’re passing that dust along to you. And way below is a video of all the covers and one of the little records going round and round. Twenty-five full sets exist on the free market. Pick one up at L’Animaux Tryst.

Stream: L'Animaux Tryst 7" Series Sampler

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