May 2, 2012

Snake & Butterfish

London house label Body Work Music made a quick and well-deserved name for themselves this past February thanks to a focused series of short digital EPs and singles with CSY & Stripes and Waze & Odyssey, impressing a wide audience by their easy exploration of their own declared purview; "house, garage, techno, [and] disco music". The intersection is significant so its being further upheld and explored earlier this month, by Paraguayan trio LPZ, also known for their club compositions as Lopez, has rightly galvanized a lot of interest in the label. Hypnotic bass lines and an eclecticism that manifests with the incredibly catchy vocal sample, a male voice repeating "1983" that forms the flesh of the title track on their EP for Body Work, and in darkly acid tinges on my sentimental favorite, "Snake & Butterfish", itself accented by a repeated sequence of claustrophobic vocal samples. 

Stream/Download: LPZ - Snake & Butterfish

Stream: LPZ - 1983
You can purchase 1983 right here.

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