May 11, 2012

Space Homestead

At its best, MV & EE’s music floats in space and shifts in lovely patterns of color and texture, and it draws you in to drift along and mutate with it, and their new LP, Space Homestead, is their music at its best. The title is so appropriate: it feels like an outpost in the vast create-o-sphere, a place where amorphous sounds and thoughts and feelings coalesce into something cozy, but always odd and lopsided, pleasantly so, and sometimes scary, but never too scary. On the back cover, they list all the places where the tracks were recorded, places with names like Buttermilk Falls, Maximum Arousal Farm and Inner Mountain, places that more voracious and geeky fans will recognize as homesteads of musicians in MV & EE’s nebulous scene, folks like Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveneire of Woods. Earl is credited on most of the songs on the album, playing drums and singing mostly, and other guests include Matt Lajoie of Herbcraft and J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. You get a sense as you listen that there’s a real story behind this recording, though it’d never fit into a three-act mold; an on-going epic of meandering weightless through ideas and tones and sensations, and stepping off at little strongholds in the vastness to gather strands of space and weave them into something tangible to pass along to the rest of us, we collectors of strange beauty, who are gliding along, too, and looking for something to bring it all together and closer to home.

Buy the record now at Woodsist.

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