May 25, 2012

Tape I

I'm going to describe what I'm tentatively calling the "Fuck Sam Ray" rule; anyone that covers Ricky Eat Acid has cool equivalent to that song's relative importance in Sam's discography. Rafael Grafals, who goes by FAVRTSM, covered "Sitting by the Church with Dan" and because I think I might know the Dan the song title mentions, I'm going to say FAVRTSM is really cool. Check that out here, but we're more particularly concerned with his latest, Tape I, a gripping set of eleven piano improvisations delicately laid over a delicate bed of fuzz, occasionally thundering into moments of disconsolate hiss as Grafals' activity picks up. He claims that he is "not good at piano" and "not a good song writer", but evidentally he knows enough about A) pianos and B) songs to make eleven good instances of the latter by improvising on the former, so consider this your first lo-fi piano album of the year.

FAVRTSM - Where'd it Go?
Download Tape I for free here.

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