May 30, 2012

Untitled Rose Column #2: Suzi Analogue

It was a little over a year ago that I first stumbled upon the enigma that is Suzi Analogue and after one listen to her incredible NNXTAPE, I was hooked.  Her choices of samples for that tape were fantastic, from Lone and Black Milk to P.U.D.G.E. and Prefuse 73. The range was impressive enough, but the way she put everything together and added her own tricks and style to make such a massive, cohesive statement was what really sang. Well, that and her incredible voice. It's shocking to me that this 24 year-old Philly producer's name isn't on everyone's lips right now.

Digitally digging through Analogue's back catalog is like time traveling through space on a fluorescent rocketship. There's a million stars to pluck out of the ether, but it all comes together to paint the picture of an incredibly talented artist whose voice and focus is incredibly singular and dialed in.  Touchstones include the afrofuturism of Sun Ra or Parliament, but also the smoothness of Sade and rhythm of DJ Spooky cooked up in her own cybernetic cauldron. She's also collaborated with the likes of TOKiMONSTA (another incredibly underrated producer) and has connections to chief Afrikan Space Program Cosmonaut, Ras G.  Whether it's sub-busting synth basslines (see "Make Et (Like Sunday Morningg)"), hypnotic, swirling vocal melodies (see "Feeling That Eye"), or squashed beat exorcisms (see "Elle Dorado") - she is always adept at peeling back layer after layer, finding the most vulnerable spot for this music to infect you. It's fitting that her latest dose of Raw&B, (R)OSE (A)LWAYS (W)INS, carries the acronymn RAW with it. The robotic female voice in the title track sums it up perfectly when she says "Original music by Suzi Analogue. Tight." For sure.

For an artist who flew out of the gates with a set as great as the NNXTAPE, followed that up with her Analogue Monsta collab mixtape with TOKi, and has cemented her status in my mind as one of the most exciting hip-hop/soul/whatever producers around with (R)OSE (A)LWAYS (W)INS, I am dying to see and hear what's next because it's going to be unexpected, surely, but definitely exquisite.

Stream: Suzi Analogue - (R)OSE (A)LWAYS (W)INS

Stream: Uziklip - Jump Rope

Watch: Analogue Monsta - Time To

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