May 15, 2012

Video Premiere: Potions - Sea Legs

It should be no secret by now that we love Broken Machine Films. No filmmaker we know of has so consistently and so conscientiously crafted his works to suit, and even enhance, the songs he works with. We like his work so much we put out a collection of his videos for Monroeville Music Center via our imprint Crash Symbols. In keeping with our expectations, his output remains prolific. For "Sea Legs", from Potions' album of the same name self-released last January, Rogers sets the song's synth-play to a surreal sequence flying cars, punctuated by fire-breathing dragons, medieval guardians, and the recurring applause of an unidentified audience. While the car flies with its happy couple onboard, a motorcycle cop pulls up to give them flowers and the two speed on; a driver joins them and two golden cherubs materialize above them. This could hardly be more beautiful.

Update: Sea Legs is available on cassette from Pretty All Right Records.

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