May 18, 2012


Sometime shortly after falling quickly in love with that J. Cole track (see my previous post), I started chatting with my new friend Andrew from Potholes In My Blog about good rap coming out of North Carolina. Andrew proceeded to show me Lute's debut mixtape, West1996. Hailing from Charlotte, it's amusing to hear such an East Coast vibe on a mixtape where the homie shouts West Side, though perhaps he's just telling you where in NC Charlotte is. I could be way off base though, since my dad just walked in and said the voice reminds him of Nas (without seeing the cover art) and the flow reminds him of Pac. It's good, y'all. That's the point. The production across the whole tape has a classic feel, utilizing horn samples and blown out percussion that also feel more NY than CA. Maybe Lute is just a guy who likes good hip-hop and pulls a little bit of brilliance from every corner of rap.

Stream: Lute - West1996

Download: Lute - West1996

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