May 28, 2012

Yesodic Helices

Leave it to enigmatic imprint Brave Mysteries to release an experimental folk album with a pretty heavy Kabbalah reference in it - the name of the band's sixth album "Yesodic Helices" is a reference to Yesod, one of the enumerations of the divine, and a critical part of the sephirot, a visualization of those enumerations resemble a helix. Yesod, the moon, acts as a lens through which the other enumerations are reflected upon Malkuth, the character of the divine as manifest in the works of the divine. It all makes me wish I knew if the name "Rain Drinkers" hadsany comparable significance. Brave Mysteries offers some insight into the duo and their temperament:
Xavier Kraal (aka Troy Schafer, in one of his numerous musical disguises) has moved out to the country, withdrawing into family life and a myriad of solo projects and many collaborations. Joe Taylor [unknown outside of Rain Drinkers] musically focuses exclusively on Rain Drinkers and, though he has lived in the Madison [WI] area for many years now, none but Kraal have actually met him.
So the impression of a nomadic Jew (if Kraal is as much an indicator as my own name, Pavlovic, is not), synthesizing some novel mid-West Kabbalah, is perhaps not entirely unfair. Musically, Yesodic Helices is a two part sound collage, "Helix I" and "Helix II", mating guitars and drone with heavily textured backdrops, particularly organic and dynamic feeling on the second.

You can grab the album from Brave Mysteries.

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