June 10, 2012

Ancient Patience Wills It Again

Though begun as a more introverted imprint for a smaller group of projects, Chicago label Hairy Spider Legs expanded its interests this year by releasing Ancient Patience Wills It Again, the fifth full length from Illinois psych-folk auteurs, Spires That in the Sunset Rise. Founded in Decatur, IL, Spires was "once . . . a collaboration of up to five women from Decatur", but Hairy Spider Legs indicates that their latest should be construed as a "more intimate expression of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson". With four years between it and the band's fourth album, Curse the Traced Bird, some stylistic drift is to be expected, but the reduction in participants seems at least superficially connected to the album's more oblique, introspective strings and somber vocals. Having said that, album's full character is most readily defined by its eclectic ancillary instruments, endless in diversity; "harmonium, guitar... bowed psaltery... autoharp..." and even an "mbira", according to Hairy Spider, making it a more easily rewarding listen to casual consumers.

Stream: Spires That in the Sunset Rise - Ancient Patience Wills It Again
Grab Ancient Patiences Will It Again on vinyl from Hairy Spider Legs.

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