June 6, 2012

Anywhere U Want Me

We've had an obvious love affair with No Fear Of Pop since before we changed our name and decided to tackle every form of art that exists. Late at night, when they're smoking cigarettes and kicking me out of the bed to send me on my way after my allotted ten minutes of snuggling, I like to dig through their music collection, always throwing some selections into my purse. Last month the cuties premiered Ital's brilliant, long winding remix to Magic Touch's "Anywhere U Want Me". The track hails from a split 12" between the two producers, recently released on 100% Silk. The record features an original track from each artist, as well as a remix from the other on said tracks. Ital is one of my favorite producers out there right now, and he'll be making his way to the Carolinas in a few months for Hopscotch Fest so it's great to be hearing new music from him just before. Magic Touch is another producer that keeps blowing me away with every thing I hear, proving that whether it's Not Not Fun or 100% Silk, Britt and Amanda Brown are champions of curating awesome music. Today I was turned on to two more tracks from the split, once again thanks to late night rummaging after late night rumpusing with NFOP. Check out all three of the four tracks released below.

Magic Touch - Anywhere U Want Me Magic Touch - Anywhere U Want Me (Ital Remix) Ital - From A Dream (Magic Touch Remix)
Head over to boomkat to order a copy of the split now.

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