June 15, 2012

The Brinksman

We like English label African Apparel so much that we've got a huge interview with the company's founder in the first print issue of Decoder, where you'll be able to find out a little more about what's to like about them and discover a set of humorous, surreal t-shirts without parallel. Their newest takes its name and graphic from LA artist Cleon Peterson's show The Brinksman, shown last March through April at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Peterson's recent work and the works displayed at the show depict people in states of extreme violence and breakdown. A series of black and white drawings show the "Struggle of Will" in weakness and power, these same half-naked men all colored black by mud and executing bourgeois men and ladies all in white, while a pile of furniture burns. Despite the polarizing nature of this imagery, Peterson's t-shirt for African Apparel is certainly one of their best looking. Buy them here.

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