June 7, 2012

Ciroc Waterfalls

I'm not sure if I'm suddenly on the same vibes as SPIN with what I'm into or if they just recently decided to begin a scour of the musical underbelly and landed on this rock, but they're posting some of my favorite artists in the world lately. Last week they named Haleek Maul one of five artists to keep an eye out for this month. Now, in the spirit of keeping it in the family, they've dropped a new leak from Supreme Cuts' upcoming record, Whispers in the Dark. "Ciroc Waterfalls" pretty much sounds exactly like the name it was given. At first you get the feeling of being in a small cave just behind a waterfall. And then you're buzzing. And then, if you do it right, you're cross-buzzing. It's a certified slow burner that reminds us Supreme Cuts can deal out mood bending ambiance as easily as they can dance floor bangers, intriguing no matter the vibe.

MP3: Supreme Cuts - Ciroc Waterfalls
Whispers in the Dark drops this July via Dovecote. The duo are also working on a mixtape with Haleek Maul to drop this August via Mishka.

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