June 6, 2012

Compilation: Sewer Greats, Volume 5

In the past year Sewage Tapes have dropped four killer volumes of Sewer Greats. (Full disclosure: I do appear on one of those volumes, along with 20+ other songs that I genuinely enjoy.) Today marks the official one year anniversary of Sewer Greats, Volume 1, as well as the coming of Sewer Greats, Volume 5. Hip-hop becomes the focus on this Mishka approved mixtape full of heady bars from the likes of SortaHuman (Joeybagadonutz, Snax & Supa appearing separately), Main Attrakionz, Bobbi Dahl, Dizzy D, Carl Miller, Michael Myerz & more. The production tip is just as sick with $ludgehammer, Party Trash, Curt Crackrach & an assortment of others. The mixtape also includes Kitty Pryde & Beautiful Lou's runaway hit "Okay Cupid", giving the single an official home. With rap clearly going through some of its most experimental phases in years, thanks in large part to the internet, it's clear that with this mixtape cloud rap just got a lethal dose of slime. You can peep Snax's closing track in video form above, and stream the full compilation below.

Stream: Sewage Tapes - Sewer Greats, Volume 5 Snag Sewer Greats, Volume 5 digitally for a cool fiver over at bandcamp.

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