June 7, 2012

Deep in Forests

Drömnu's debut EP Deep in Forests is the fifth release from Spanish magazine and imprint Neonized. Though I haven't managed to glean anything about him or her from Neonized or even his own web presence, which is mute on biographical details, except for a tongue in cheek-seeming reference to "Antarctica" on his soundcloud. I suppose Antarctica would either be the best or the worst place to write a down-tempo IDM EP about being deep in woods - so far as I know the continent's only vegetation is more along the lines of lichen. In any event, "but I digress" would be an understatement... Whatever region or frame of mind spawned the six tracks of Deep in Forests, whether inside a forest loving it or outside of one wanting in, it's a winner.

Download all of Deep in Forests, for whatever you care to pay, at Neonized's bandcamp.

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