June 27, 2012


As a longtime shoegazer, I'm consistently on the hunt for bands that really stretch and recontextualize the sounds of the genre. Yet in 2012 when I can't kick a rock without finding someone's fuzzy bedroom jangle project, it really takes something interesting to grab my attention. Flashes of brilliance will still occasionally find me though, like an excellent discovery I recently made in the amazing Norwegian shoegaze band Dråpe. I was linked via email to the song "By Heart" from their 2011 self-titled E.P. and was looking for the full record within a minute; I literally fell in love with this at first listen. Their sunny, highly combustible take on familiar shoegaze tropes is refreshingly upbeat and reminds me a hell of a lot of one of my personal favorite E.P.'s of all time, LSD and The Search For God's wonderful self-titled 2006 release. And while that outfit may have gone the way of the dinosaur, the members of Dråpe are currently very active and have big things planned for the rest of 2012. They will be re-releasing their EP this August on Pad and Pen Records, as they continue to ready more material for an upcoming new release. If the material is anything near as good as the songs on this release, well kid, you might just end up staring some holes right through your Chuck Taylors.

Stream: Dråpe - By Heart

Dråpe will be re-released 8/27 on Pad and Pen Records.

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