June 4, 2012

Enter Lood

Wes Ables is a Missouri-based musician/producer who makes music under his own name as well as the moniker Public Spreads The NewsLou Nutrient, the most recent album from Public Spreads The News, is a cohesive collection of instrumental, bite-sized tracks (the longest clocks in at 2:31), all with a funky flair that stems from Ables' capable bass and guitar playing, as well as various backing electronic samples. The first track, "Foam Tips", is an especially laid-back expedition whose name and lush, beautiful sounds easily conjure up images of soft ocean waves lapping at your toes; the album ventures on through increasingly groovy tidbits, some sounding like a beat you'd hear emanating from a basement club in the 80s, while others, like "Enter Lood", take on a brand of bellbottom-worthy, bass-slapping 70s stagger. All of his material is definitely worth checking out, so don't sleep on this one.

MP3: Public Spreads The News - Enter Lood
You can download Lou Nutrient for free from Ailanthus Recordings.

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