June 5, 2012


I'll keep the intro to this new feature brief. I really like clothing, the same way that I like all other forms of art. There's some really cool stuff to wear out there, yet I feel like there's only 20 or so brands anyone ever seems to know. Continuing our long time support of homies like Forty Ounce, I've decided to launch Fash Forward (hell yeah I'm that corny), a new semi-regular feature that highlights underground clothing lines making and doing cool things. From folks just making t-shirt designs to people busting out the sewing machine and putting together some truly wild designs, I'm ready to tackle every shred of fabric that tickles my fancy. So without further ado:

HALF UNITED was so easy to pick as where to start this column off. Not only do they have cool designs, and not only are they based right here in Wilmington, but they're also a humanitarian clothing company. Every time you purchase a HALF product, you're also giving a week of healthy meals to a hungry person. This typically means children, and often it's third world countries, but they also go beyond the "usual" people we seem to help by also working to provide meals for families struggling right here in the US. There are so many hardships all over the world that the ones in our country often seem diminished or unimportant, but every person struggling is a person in need, and HALF UNITED recognizes that. Peep a few a of their designs below, watch the above video to get a better sense of what these cuties are up to and what they're all about, and obviously buy something if you dig what they're doing. Support!

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