June 18, 2012

Ghostman on Second

Stroll On Records have announced their newest release, a self-titled EP from Andy Molholt, bka Laser Background, due out July 15. Heavily laced with psychedelic elements, these classic-feeling pop gems are sure to permeate right to the center of the brain. Opening track "We Trust" has managed to already be stuck in my head after only a few listens, and I'd have it no other way. The track "Pinwheels" even manages to slow things down a moment, getting a little fuzzier and more emotion bent at the same time, revealing Molholt to be as fragile as any of the rest of us. It's "Ghostman on Second", the first single released from the EP, that really gets me. The rolling percussion on building groove of the bass keep me bopping along as if my life depended on it, all the while frantically building energy. The plain and simple of it is that while Laser Background dabbles in a few genres very familiar to the blogosphere, his music constantly sounds fresh and fun. Don't sleep on this EP.

MP3: Laser Background - Ghostman on Second
The Laser Background EP is available July 15 digitally and on ltd. 100 quantity cassette. You can go ahead and grab the pre-order via Stroll On to make sure you don't miss out.

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