June 21, 2012

Gloss & Moss

About every other month or so the crazy Australians at New Weird Australia release a mixtape highlighting the incredible, generically focused output of the New South Wales electronic community that the group was established to champion. For their most recent aural offering, Gloss & Moss, they've partnered with their fellow nationals at Fallopian Tunes to curate a stunning and more varied compilation than typical. The first eleven tracks come from New Weird Australia's orbit and is itself one of the most compelling documents of minimal electronica I've ever heard. Fallopian Tunes picked tracks 12-22, forming a textural, no-wave contrapposto to NWA's more tightly structured offerings, though the two sets of music are inexorably bound by the bug of experimental production first expressed more formally and then unbound by the weird rhapsodies of Fallopian's partisans, like the mix's hauntingly disjointed second-to-last track from some blessed person who chose to go by the name The Roost of Auteurs Soon Eligible For Parody. Can't recommend this enough.

Update: Looks like I misread some of the release info and New Weird Australia actually selected tracks 12-22, and Fallopian Tunes 1-11. Sorry about the mix-up and thanks for pointing it out, Fano!

Download this bad boy from Fallopian Tunes, New Weird Australia, or even the Free Music Archive if you're feeling really nuts.

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