June 11, 2012

Golden Birthday - Eqlipst (THE-DRUM Remix)

[Photo by Jimmy Farebi]
Now only about two weeks from the release of their third album, Blue Island, on Rainbow Body RecordsGolden Birthday just sent us a remix courtesy of THE-DRUM. They took on "Eqlipst" from their second album, Illusions, released on very limited edition cassette with Catholic Tapes. In his remix, whispers of the lushly textured original appear only in glimpses midway when the new track arrangement begins to be at its thickest, placing the band's vocal and synth tones into a new and less melodic sequence, though its reserve and slow build have structural commonalities. A beautiful, unexpectedly different take on the band's sound.

Stream/Download: Golden Birthday - Eqlipst (THE-DRUM Remix) Grab Illusions on cassette here or buy the mp3s direct from their bandcamp.

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