June 6, 2012

Imaginary Falcolns

A big package arrived today from Night-People. It included two records by Peaking Lights. I'm catching up on my homework in anticipation of Lucifer's arrival later this month. The hegemon has said "Peaking Lights work like a kaleidoscope," in reference to last year's 936. This Imaginary Falcons LP is from 2009, before they got all the colors stuffed inside the spinning tube. It's dense and sprawling all at the same time. As dense as dank and as sprawled out as the Milky Way. Side one ends with a circus-on-mars number called "Wedding Song" that just keeps going and going. Side two begins with a bit of a dirge, because "All the Good Songs Have Been Written." There's a lot of winter and humidity in this music. and guitar. Peaking Lights lived in Wisconsin when they made it. Now they live in sunny California and they tweet pictures of beaches and medical marijuana. I'm eager for the new biscuit to drop. I love Cali, and I think I'll love what Cali does to Peaking Lights. This is what collecting is for, right? Hearing artists' sounds mutate and evolve over time. Sometimes all in one sitting.

Stop by the archeological dig at Night-People.

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