June 14, 2012

Last Evenings on Earth

I'm finally getting around to writing up this wonderful s/t debut EP from Los Angeles duo Yourself In Peace (I knew I was going to enjoy it as soon as I read that they "value surrealism over anything" and noticed one of their listed influences is Yo La Tengo). Its 6 tracks are a laid-back experiment in synth dream-pop mixed with shoegazey, 90s electronica. They say their music is "for those who want an escape", and it certainly comes off that way, with layers of drugged-out beats and vocals with just enough inertia to build a slow but certain atmosphere of welcome introspection. "Last Evenings on Earth" is my favorite track, with its immediate bass hook and crunchy guitar reminiscent of classic Stone Temple Pilots; "Watch You Breathe" is also a standout number, with mesmerizing vocals and enough haze to match a humid summer's evening.

Pay what you like for the EP right here.

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