June 1, 2012

Lobby Classix

I love Sunup Recordings - someone working with the label will email us some morning, "we just put out a tape with Sunup!", I go over to their site and somehow the label has put out two other tapes since. God bless them. So, this is not their latest, but one of their most recent three releases (as of this overcast June 1); a new tape from our friend Dan Creahan (who runs cassette label Prison Art), recording as Plant Eater, a side project that he uses to engage with more archival materials, ie, youtube videos, field recordings, etc. Lobby Classix relies heavily on youtube for its material, with Creahan live mixing youtube clips and audio samples, then manipulating them further on tape. Divided into two roughly ten minute long segments, occupying the respective sides of the cassette, the album's shambolic sound collages derive a sense of continuity from the recurring markers of Creahan's style of composition and diverse traces of almost melody. For now, he has no primary web presence for the project, but you can check out his other band, Mind Dynamics, on soundcloud.
  In a world where labels usually charge $5 for tapes, Sunup asks for only four. That's a 20% discount on the national average, by God. Considering $5 is only the middle of the road price, Sunup makes being economical economical. Grab Lobby Classix from their bandcamp.

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