June 1, 2012

Look at the Two-Headed Boy

If you haven't heard of him, according to his bandcamp "Psycosis is a video game programmer who accidentally found audio editing software and the world has been paying the price ever since"; though his Neutral Milk Hotel mash-ups, released under the name In My G4 Over Da Sea, may be vaguely iconoclastic for some who reverence the band in a particular way (ho-ho, obsessives), but the fairly fleshed out conceptual underpinnings to his juxtapositions keeps it far out of the sacrilegious for me. For example, with the addition of Jay-Z rapping about relationships, "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" becomes "My 1st Airplane", giving the rapper a moody trumpet accompaniment and oddly effective interplay of the two voices. I'm listening to this thing and I can't stop laughing every few minutes at hearing the sounds of my high-school-emotion-music being crunched into new shapes and given new names (I'm pretty sure "Miami, 1981" even has a sample from Neutral Milk Hotel-esque earnest lo-fi-ish folk analogue, Okkervil River). "Look at the Two-Headed Boy" is another good one. (via Potholes in my Blog)

Download In My G4 Over Da Sea via Psycosis' bandcamp.