June 28, 2012

Mandola Jayebe

In the past half year Mandola Jayebe has released four EPs, and in those four EPs is an incredible amount of variety, growth and display of raw talent. It becomes even more fascinating when you realize that Mandola and Jayebe are two contrasting alternate personas for Dallas-by-way-of-Kansas-City MC Jordan Brown. Mandola is his calmer, more pensive side; while Jayebe is that dude who just goes hyphy the second he's let loose on a beat. Seventeen-year-old Brown is also the son of rapper Bub from the short-lived legendary southern hip-hop group Mass 187, which also featured Lil' Troy and may ring a bell with the track "Gangsta Strut", in case merit and background are the kind of thing you use to pick what you listen to. Regardless of what gets you to listen, however; it'll be easy to hear the brilliant promise in this young rapper's constantly varying flow (versatility and adaptation show willingness to expand) and the creativity behind the interweaving of his two rap personalities. I've picked a few mp3s to preview below, but his entire catalog is available to listen and download for free at his bandcamp if you wanna go deeper down the rabbit hole. Maybe pack some loud first.

Mandola Jayebe - Cream (prod by Chris Calor)
Mandola Jayebe - Pornication (prod by Prograham)
from the GRADual takeOVER EP
Mandola Jayebe - F.I.S.H. (prod by Bitoy Beatz)
from the Hype EP
Mandola Jayebe - Blast (prod by Stuntin Steve Austin)
from the Stay Tuned EP
Jayebe - Ancient Nebulas & Pink Dolphins
from the Heir Jordan [Banned EP]

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