June 7, 2012


Winter Walks, the newest work from Belgian producer Hazey Jane, aka Jeroen de Meyer, comes via Georgia label Primitive Patterns, ending a two year silence on the producer's part thanks to a recommendation from Spencer Radcliffe of Blithe Field that the two parties team up. The Hazey part of his name adequately tags the vibe on Winter Walks, but somber beats and melancholy keys give certain tracks an unexpected urgency. Others exemplify the same sort of pastoral production we've heard at times from our longtime friends Pressed And; compelling beats and a dynamic ambient backdrop, with an abstract use of tones that sound delicately emitted from a practical mechanism, rather than massaged out of a musical one.

Hazey Jane - Melancholia
Hazey Jane - Streets
Download Winter Walks for free from Primitive Patterns. Adam Baber from the labels tells me that Winter Walks ends on a sampled track of running film reel, which leads appropriately enough into the label's simultaneously released but wholly dissimilar album This Dream Starts Out Crazy, from Solitude. Good hook to check out both? I thought so.

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