June 11, 2012


I didn't have anything to do with the Featureless Ghost thing Crash Symbols put out. That was before I got here. I'm not biased that way. I told one of my students about this band after I saw them at somebody's house in Atlanta. He watched them on YouTube and said they were "like new wave on acid." That's a good start, not an A paper. What I like most about Featureless Ghost is the way Matt Weiner and Elise Tippins sing. Their voices have a little electric twist to them, same way those hair-sprayed dudes did in the early eighties, and Terri Nunn, too. And their voices kind of play with each other, rise and fall and fall into one another and explode into neon cathode circuit board patterns that vibrate and flash. Yes, there's butt-thumping synth. They're from Atlanta, which is part of Georgia, and that's where I live now. So I'm biased that way.

Today we went to the World's Widest Yard Sale. It spans the entire state of Alabama. Our journey started with Featureless Ghost, which made for a nice complement. Do you realize how many of those dusty VHS tapes are from the 1980s? That's where my teen years wound up: on a plastic table in east Alabama and a totally freaky cassette by a couple of arty big city folk.

Ask Night-People for the goods.

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