June 23, 2012

MSG Vinyl

You might remember Tim Wenzel from his tape as White Glove on Field Hymns Records, a ten song album of variously angsty, hilarious, and surreal pop-punk that we reviewed shortly before Get Off the Coast done got its face lifted and took the Decoder name. "Angsty, hilarious, and surreal" seem to be Tim's watchwords, as evinced by the snippet of his mullet-inducing "hip hop" in the guise of MSG that you can catch near the end of his amazing kickstarter pitch video, raising funds for an album on vinyl. His beautiful couch also seems worth mentioning. 

Here's what Wenzel says of the project...
"I was at a friends house a while ago and we started talking about things we wanted to do before we were dead. Sounds silly maybe but the first thing that came out of my mouth was this: 'I'd really like to put out a vinyl record someday'. He said 'well why don't you?' 'That's a good question', I said and it really got me thinking and determined to make it happen . . . I am super proud of the MSG record, Songs from a Gated Community, as well as the DVD 'Peak of Excitement'. I would love to have your help and support to make this goal of mine possible; putting out the recording on vinyl and releasing the DVD, both of which I have worked very long and hard on and am super, super stoked on! I feel very confident that you'll feel the same way..."
Sounds like fun. Give of your love and give of your wealth on Tim's kickstarter page.

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