June 11, 2012

Premiere: Coma Cinema - Skate Witches (Teen Suicide Cover)

Coma Cinema's been designing the sound of mellow alienation for a couple years now, having most recently released his third album, Blue Suicide, on Columbia, SC based label Fork & Spoon Records. So, Mat Cothran's presence on that label's recently announced summer compilation, so full of joyous summer abandon that the team at the label decided to call it Free Love Free Download 2012, is fortuitous. We're even further blessed to see that Fork & Spoon got him to cover our favorite Teen Suicide song, "Skate Witches", animating the song's lyrics "I don't like myself / and I don't like no one else / and I don't like you / you don't like me too" with his own resonant vocals and a characteristically ambling melody. His voice and production on the cover give an otherwise great jam a more varied emotional palette and a welcome second lease, particularly with another Teen Suicide gracing the mix's tracklist. To complete the trifecta, I wanted to include William Busbee's surprising "Girl", a spare and surprisingly beautiful solo recording with a distinctive delivery that indicates a more self-conscious midpoint between the sounds of Teen Suicide and Come Cinema. Suffice it to say, Free Love Free Download does everything it promises and more.

Coma Cinema - Skate Witches (Teen Suicide Cover)
William Busbee - Girl
Download Free Love Free Download 2012 for exactly as much as the name requests here and check out the original Teen Suicide version of "Skate Witches" below.

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