June 12, 2012

Premiere: Ensemble Economique - Radiate THROUGH Me

Hands In The Dark have been killing it with releases lately. We talked about the upcoming Co La EP just a couple of weeks ago; and now we've got the drop on this moody slow burner from Ensemble Economique that comes from his upcoming split LP, Motion Forever, with Lee Noble on the label. I've long been a fan of Ensemble Economique's ability to create atmospheric jams that seem to wrap around the listener and soak them in. It's not often you can feel so absorbed by music, and it's even less often you feel so comfortable in the process. After you give this a listen or eight, pop on over to No Fear Of Pop and catch an equally stellar premiere from Lee Noble's side of Motion Forever.

Stream: Ensemble Economique - Radiate THROUGH Me

Motion Forever drops Friday, June 29 and can be preordered now via Hands In The Dark.

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