June 21, 2012


Frank Ocean has, without doubt, proven to be one of the more talented artists to make it out of the Odd Future camp. I can debate all day on how Tyler is falling off and Hodgy really is getting better, but few will argue that Frank's R&B chops are already well honed and ready for the spotlight. I'm still walking around humming "Thinking About You" daily and now Frank has dropped the nearly 10-minute epic, "Pyramids", from his upcoming debut LP with Def Jam titled Channel Orange (catch the album trailer above.) The first half of the track is packed with a dance step built on head spinning synths and neck breaking snaps & kicks. The second half is what really gets me though, as the synth lines begin to stretch out wider while Frank slows things down. Then hi-hats and a single snare drop in with a winding synth that sounds like time slowing down. My suggestion is you blast the first half just before you hit the club, party or wherever it is you go tonight, and then just put it on repeat to turn down the rest of the night when those post-2am blues come on. Frank will be on tour throughout North America next month, so stay tuned after the jump for a list of dates.

Stream/Download: Frank Ocean - Pyramids
Channel Orange drops July 17 via Def Jam Recordings.

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