June 7, 2012

Eight Trails, One Path

Ironically Record Store Day cheapens music, some of it, not all. There’s such thing as too much music, too much choice, too many chosen. It’s like overdoing it on Jelly Bellies. After a while even the buttered popcorn and watermelon ones taste like the same colored sugar. Then there’s always a couple you can’t stop listening to. This year it’s the one I expected to be best and one I wouldn’t have picked if I hadn’t been gorging, Eight Trails, One Path. It’s a Three Lobed Recordings compilation with commissioned and unreleased tracks by contemporary guitar geniuses: Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls), Sir Richard Bishop, David Daniell (solo, San Agustin, Rhys Chatham ensembles), Danny Paul Grody (solo, Tarentel, The Drift), Steve Gunn (solo, Gunn-Truscinski Duo, GHQ), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Six Organs of Admittance and William Tyler (solo, Lambchop, Silver Jews). The title fits. The numbers are distinct, but they’re unified, all flowing along a singular course. It’s so beautiful and satisfying, good for morning, late at night, late afternoon when dinner’s on the stove. Solo guitar is like wood grain, like the patterns in rock, like the lopsided spirals of nature. It relaxes and stimulates. Below is Steve Gunn's contribution, "Trailways Gramble."

They only pressed a thousand copies, but there are still a few on the black market. You can pick up a thin, digital approximation at Thrill Jockey

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