June 3, 2012

Room of a Thousand Doors

You might be wondering why "Room One" if there's already a room and what it has is doors, but Brooklyn musician Gabe Raines seems to know tricks of perspective; the first song from his project Sun Castle is about the room beyond the first door, perhaps inspired by the ancient Roman recall-technique that involves assembling memories into the recognizable structure of a palace or castle, an ideal home or base, with ideas and attitudes strewn throughout in the guise of objects. Raines calls Sun Castle his own description of "a rainbow shapeshifting castle, the rooms inside, and the area outside" using sound, though the vocabulary of sounds he uses may be too complex or seem too unsystematic to translate without the aid of your own strong associations. "Room of a Thousand Doors (Room One)" is nothing if not filled with that potential. An eclectic range of samples and instrumentation gives the sense that Raines is heavily influenced by traditional instruments and composition, though the shambolic bursts of percussion acquire new significance as he strings them out across an otherwise already very compelling sound collage. If the end product is a castle, it must be some kind of Arabesque or Byzantine affair, dynamic and shaped by the interplay of neighboring cultures. 

MP3: Sun Castle - Room of a Thousand Doors (Room One)
No word yet from Gabe as to whether or not this is the tip of an album or otherwise, but in the meantime he just wants us all to like him (via facebook).

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