June 21, 2012


I don't think I was ever a particularly big fan of Damon Gough's music as Badly Drawn Boy, though I find myself knowing the word Bewilderbeast from the name of his well loved LP The Hour of Bewilderbeast, originally released in 2000. In this case however, Bewilderbeast is UK producer Gus Beamish-Cock, an avid and intelligent consumer of science fiction who has for the last several years released mostly tongue in cheek music (ex., Chalice of the Past), "mediated by silly concepts like gangs on second life or habbo hotel", as he puts it. His most recent release as Bewilderbeast, Running, is a more sincere concept EP, rife with the effects and tropical electronic sounds you'd expect from a sci-fi fan whose past music was "mediated by silly concepts like gangs on second life or habbo hotel" and who had just set himself to making an album about a future man's slowly dawning realization that the perfect beach he's lived on for years is actually a virtual reality pleasure world.

Buy Running on limited edition cassette from Airline Tapes and check out some more Bewilderbeast songs on his soundcloud.

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