June 28, 2012

Rust Parhelion

Szilárd is Jeremy Young, whom we found in an email, sharing his new album Rust Parhelion, recently released on Palaver Music. The concept and execution on this release are gorgeous...
"Rust Parhelion is a continuation of Szilárd's "colourpalette" loop series, featuring two side-length pieces composed for rotating loop-cycles, which adhere to strict compositional limitations, specifically 2 loops of guitar and 4 loops of field recordings each. Parhelia are phantom images of the sun, light refractions in the frozen air of the Arctic Circle. In other words, they are natural images representing what is both there and not there simultaneously. This piece depicts two temperatures of this phenomenon by utilizing the concept of rotating loop cycles. As several loops of varying length are set in motion they give the impression that the piece is moving forward, creating phantom changes in what we hear, when in fact everything is just repeating.
Despite the description of endless abortions, Rust Parhelion's is effectively a rotating sequence of engaging still-lives, rising and becoming diffuse as new repetitions anxiously jostle for preeminence, but perhaps my and the label's language risks being misleading. The jostle is delicate and the endless failing to materialize will probably tend to be unnoticed, in favor of a pleasant soak in what really is a gorgeous atmosphere, windswept and become the site of entropy, evoked by the well-shrouded sounds of metallic decay.

Buy the cassette from Palaver Press.

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