June 5, 2012


Phoenix-based rockers Chandails are a mysterious bunch; after some semi-extensive online research, all I could find out is that they're four dudes who are fairly young (three of which are cousins) and that in the past they've opened for Vivian Girls. Their website also revealed that they just took off on a west coast tour, where they'll be selling their batch of 100 cassette demos. Hopefully the tape and more of their tunes will be available on the interwebs soon, but for now we'll have to do with "Spaniard", a single that they subtly released online a couple of months ago (and when I say "have to do with", I really mean "enjoy the hell out of" because this song is sooo good). The track opens with simple guitar strumming and delicate riffs, percussion beating softly in the background, before it's fleshed out into a 60s-tinged, garage rock number with a melody so seemingly classic (yet original), it will surely cement itself into your brainpan upon the first listen.

MP3: Chandails - Spaniard
Keep up to date on what they're doing via their blog, where you can also peep the j-card for their cassette tape (that I desperately want).

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  1. Good luck on the renainder of your tour, Thanks for gracing the Stale Street Underground in SLC with your presence