June 20, 2012


A few months back we turned you on to the Xander Harris split 7" with Dylan Ettinger, released by Moon Glyph. Harris' track set up the explosive car chase that seemingly themes the 7", but Ettinger's track seems to take on the panicked nature of an onlooker witnessing such fiery mayhem. The frantic tones of the dizzying synths, especially when his sparse vocals warble thorugh, generate the true sense of chaos that comes with reporting such an incident. Of course, this could all just be me reading too much into that cover art. The simple fact of the matter is both tracks are amazing and it's exciting to finally get to share Ettinger's half of the split.

Stream: Dylan Ettinger - Tipoff
Previously: Xander Harris - The Driver
The Driver/Tipoff 7" is available now via Moon Glyph (at only $3 + s/h!).

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